We’re a serious foodie family.

This is a very unserious blog.

Our mom created this place so she could keep track of our favorite family recipes and so we would have them and pass them down to our kids when we get older (eye roll). We travel a lot and she’s always losing her coffee-stained notebook with all her recipes in it, so she decided to record them here.

Some of these recipes come directly from cookbooks or websites, like the basic stuff. Otherwise, these are the best recipes from my mom, my American “Grammie Rosemary,” my French “Mamie Flo,”  and a few cousins and aunts. Plus whenever we travel, my mom likes to try out new exotic recipes.

You’re lucky if you find this blog and get to eat all this good stuff. We’re happy to share it with you.

Bon appétit!

Jamie and Sunny


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